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Everly & Associates takes pride in our efforts to strive for perfection in the professional engineering field. Here at Everly & Associates we design, inspect, and supervise operations in the construction field. We offer engineering services which include but are not limited to:

  • CADD
  • Project Management-helping to keep you on schedule and on budget
  • Grading and dirtwork plans
  • Retaining wall and Foundation design
  • Road design with plan/profile designs
  • Waterline extensions and Fire Hydrant placement design
  • Sanitary Sewer Extension Designs
  • On-site Sewage(septic tank and drainfield) and water system designs
  • Level I and II Septic Systems including Pressure dosed systems
  • Landscape and Sprinkler Design
  • Lighting Design Curb, sidewalk, concrete, and paving design and layout
  • Parking lot and site design
  • Traffic planning
  • Subdivision Design and Planning
  • Earthwork and Volume Calculations
  • Environmental Studies and reclamation
  • Storm Drain System Design-both on-site and discharge systems including Montana Department of Environmental Quality’s Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans and Permits

Subdivision work entails land development planning, surveying, platting, environmental impact statements, roadway / curb / sidewalk / fire / water / sanitary / storm system design, layout, & construction supervision.  Services include consulting State Department of Environmental Quality, Local Government Agencies & Governing Bodies, Planning Boards & Departments, Street Departments, Local Health Agencies, Water & Sewer Utilities, Fire Marshals, Power/Gas/Phone/TV Utilities, etc. and exchanging information and design concepts in public hearings.

Please check out some of our completed projects in the Projects area and contact us by checking out the Contact page. We look forward to meeting you and working with you!